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March 17, 2007



i need a apir of 11 of the elephant pack air max in a size 11.5 please

Michael Liu

yooo atmos!! http://www.atmos-tokyo.com/nike/max/max1pre_312748031.html this is the link to ur atmos jpn page, i've noticed u ppl typed in airmax 90 instead airmax 1!! haha!! just wanted to let u guys know!! anyway, í love the elephant am1, i'll cop them for sureeeee from hk nike shop, if they have it, if not i'll get them at some other online shops.


I need the air max 1 in size 9. Can I buy it through e-mail or something? Or can you hold one for me? I am from Boston and I will go to new york by bus on the 31st.


hi, i need a pair of us10 of the airmax1, the elephant pack. I located at Singapore, can I buy through email, can help me?


Can i order the air max online?


I need the air max 1 in a size 9.5.Could I pay you threw my paypal account?Please get back to me.Thanks.


Can anybody help me!!!!
I'm looking for the Air Max 1 Elephant Pack in size 8,5/EU 42?I really want them, but in Holland you can't get them. Does anybody has experience with chapterworld.net?I order there the Animal pack about 1 month ago, but I hear nothing about it! So please, help me with the Elephant Pack. My e-mail is marc_kuypers@hotmail.com!


Marc Kuijpers from Holland

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